Preserve Your Energetic Cells Now to Use It in the Future

What is a Cell-Banking?

Cell-Banking is a program that stores a person’s specific cells. The cells collected can be used in the future to treat cancer, incurable diseases, and beyond without side effects.

Storage Service

HelpCellBank is an immune cell and stem cell bank operated by Hurim Biocell’s proprietary technology. We perform efficient extraction, processing, and inspection methods to keep customer’s cells safe and secure.

Immune Cell

Cancer Treatment


The immune cells are forming a defensive system in our body to fight with cancer cells constantly

Stem Cell

Regenerative Medicine


The stem cell is also known as a pluripotent cell, which plays a role in regenerating and restoring damaged tissues & cells inside our body

Healthier cells, Higher therapeutic effects
Comparison of Immune Cell
Reproducibility VS Aging

All cells become less functional as aging progress.
Keep the healthiest cells now to prepare for the treatment of incurable diseases.

Features of Cell-banking by Hurim
Various Additional Service / Membership Benefits
Cancer screening
Genetic disease prediction test
Dementia prediction test
Outstanding Technology
Various banking system for blood, adipose, dental pulp, cord tissue and cord blood
Maintain 33 global patents related on cell Isolation, culture and cryopreservation technology
Research and develop stem cell therapy on vitiligo and liver disease
Safest Banking System
We are operating qualified facilities for the cell storage at SNU cancer research institute & Hurim Biocell R&D center.
Efficient banking system for individual banking program
Joined professional indemnity insurance (100 million KRW per case, maximum 5 billion KRW per year)
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